About Cyndi

Nice to meet ya! I’m Cyndi 🙂

I’m a long-time graphic design and branding expert that uses my years of experience to reliably provide services to people just like you!

You can be confident that your project will be delivered on time, as promised and without any surprises – I like to over-communicate 😉

In the process of working with many growing entrepreneurs, businesses and other agencies, my services have grown to fit their needs.

From business cards, to signs, to websites, to complete brand packages, together we can make your project stand out and reach your goals!

I’m also a Gen X momma of two grown a** adults 🥰, survivor of hella premature menopause at 38, and big believer in self development.

I’m a huge fan of tiny living. I love mindset management tricks, biz hacks, and all things branding related.

When I’m not nerding out or obsessing about design and branding, I’m probably dreaming about van life, drawing kawaii inspired doodles or re-watching The Princess Bride.

I’m always growing my professional network and would love to add you to my circle! Connect with me on LinkedIn! I believe it’s a great place to get insights from others and learn about industry happenings.