Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Growing Entrepreneurs & Businesses Have Specific Needs

But I don’t have to tell you that, do I?

As a growing entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve been looking for a creative partner that can handle your graphic design, branding and marketing stuff.

I’ve got decades of strategic thinking, designing on-brand and delivering as promised up my sleeve. 

Budgets and deadlines are familiar territory, and I can be flexible enough to jump in at the beginning, middle or end of a project. Awesome.

My Process


To begin with, we review things like your project, the scope, goals and timeline. This step may go quickly or take a bit longer, depending on how clear you are already – sometimes you need my help to flush out and define things 😉 Following our chat, I may need to do more research, or I may jump right into brainstorming the best way(s) to visually meet the goals.


During this step, I will creatively and strategically mashup your input, any research and my brainstormed concepts to meet the goals we talked about. That usually means proofs – yay! You and I will chat about how well the goals have been met and if adjustments are needed. The time this takes depends on your project, but we’ll constantly be in touch along the way, so you won’t be left wondering what’s up.


After your design direction has been figured out, guess what…you may realize you need more stuff. If you do, this is when we will add that stuff in and expand your project. Other elements could be things like printed items, marketing collateral, digital images, websites, social graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps or whatever you can imagine! I will help make it a reality 🙂


When we finish up working on your project, you will have completed designs, in the proper format, on time and on budget. Heck ya! This could be in the form of images, printed pieces, files, a website, signage, etc. You will have exactly what you and I discussed in our first phase. Cross my heart!

“Your brand is what they say about you when you’re not in the room.”

–Jeff Bezos